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Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Endorse App for Android and iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. (It is similar to Ibotta)

There is a new app out called Endorse. This app works very similar to Ibotta with a few exceptions.

I am excited about this app because you can upload every receipt even if there are no offers available and you will get 5 points. Once you get 50 points $5.00 will be donated to your local schools. You can also get cash back for as many items as you buy that matches the offer but they have to be done in one transaction and all on the same receipt.

The downsides that I see is that you only have a week to do the offers before you get new ones and your cash back will be after all coupons and store discounts are applied. There is more detail on this at the bottom of the post in their FAQ section.

To sign up for Endorse CLICK HERE.

I just uploaded the app this morning and this is the list of offers that I received.
30% cash back (50% upgrade) Old Bay Seasoning (max $2.50)
20% cash back (50% upgrade) Mountain Dew 2L (max $1.50)
10% cash back (100% upgrade) ANY brand coffee (max $3.00)
30% cash back SoBe 0 Calorie Lifewater (max $3.00)
20% cash back Multi-Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter (max $3.00)
20% cash back Sierra Mist 2L or 12pk (max $1.50)
20% cash back Quaker Stila Crispy Oat Cookie Bars (max $2.50)
20% cash back Popchips 3oz or 6pk variety packs (max $1.00)
10% cash back ANY brand pet food (max $2.50)
10% cash back ANY brand dishwashing detergent (max $1.50)

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that I found on the Endorse website to help you understand their program.

Q: How do I upload receipts?
A: Tap the “Upload My Receipts” button. We’ll guide you through it. Make sure that your receipt is clean, unwrinkled, and in otherwise good condition and that your photo is clear.

Q: How do I redeem an offer?
A: When you upload a receipt, you will be given the opportunity to select matching offers to earn cash back for the items on your receipt.  Make sure you check those offers before submitting your receipt, and that your purchase meets the terms of the offer.

Q: What kind of receipts can I submit?
A: You can send in receipts from almost any US retailer- even when you do your shopping online! We do not accept receipts for financial transactions, parking violations, event tickets, travel and accommodation, or medical bills. Also, all receipts must be personal, and contain items you have purchased for yourself and not on behalf of a business.

Q: How long do I have to submit my receipt?
A: You have six days from the date of purchase (printed on the receipt), up until the date the offer expires, to submit your receipts. Offers roll over every Thursday morning and you will get a new set of offers each week.  We apologize but we can only accept receipts that are less than 7 days old.

Q: How much of the receipt needs to be in the photo?
A: All of it. Please capture the entire receipt, in as many segments as necessary, and be sure that the image includes everything, even the seemingly irrelevant information that often appears at the bottom. Important: if any of the text is cut off, we will be unable to process your receipt.

Q: Does the quality of my receipt photo matter?
A: Yes, it matters! In order to process your receipt, we need to be able to read it. If your photo is too dark or blurry or if the text is illegible, we won’t be able to process your receipt.

Q: How do I share offers with my friends?  What does upgrading an offer mean?
A: When you have a social offer, it will be highlighted in your offer list page.  You can click on the tag that says, “Up to X%” to open the offer details page where you have the option to earn the regular amount of cash back rewards, or you can upgrade your rewards by sharing the offer on Facebook with your friends!

Q: How do I see offers my friends have shared?
A: When you see an Endorse offer one of your friends posted on Facebook, you can tap on it to claim the offer.  Claimed offers appear in the Shared with You section of the app.  You can share that offer with your friends on Facebook, too, to earn a greater percentage cash back!

Q: Does it matter if my receipt is torn, wrinkled, folded, faded, or only partially readable?
A: Yes, it matters! In order to process your receipt, it should be in as close to perfect condition as possible. This means no tears, wrinkles, folds, faded ink, and so on. If the receipt is unreadable, we will be forced to reject your receipt submission.

Q: What if the receipt does not include product descriptions?
A: Your receipt is your proof of purchase that you matched the offer.  Receipts without product descriptions can still earn points, but to earn cash back your receipt must contain product descriptions that clearly meet the terms of the offer you are completing.

Q: Can you reject receipts for other reasons?
A: Yes!  We try to process every receipt we receive, but from time to time we encounter a new type of receipt we cannot accept, so we reserve the right to reject any receipt for any reason.  We will contact you by notification or email any time this is necessary.

Q: I’ve used a paper coupon, store reward, or other in-store discount when purchasing items. Do I get rewarded based on the purchase price before any discounts were applied?
A: No. We calculate your reward on the final price you paid for any given item. For example, if you use a 20% off coupon on an item that costs $5.00, thus paying $4.00, and submit your receipt to Endorse to redeem a 30% cash back offer, your reward will be $1.20 (30% of $4.00). Rewards are calculated on your pre-tax, out of pocket price.

Q: The app indicates that I’ve earned cash rewards. When and how will I get my money?
A: If you link your PayPal account you can have your rewards credited at any time! Otherwise you’ll be able to cash out once your balance reaches $25.00. When it does, tap the “Cash Out Now” button and we’ll send you a check. It will usually take just a few days for the check to reach you. We recommend signing up for PayPal for the fastest rewards.

Q: What are points?
A: Points are what you earn for every receipt you send us, even ones that aren’t eligible for cash rewards. We’ll give you 5 points per receipt, so send them as you shop, even when no Endorse offers apply! When your point balance reaches 50, we’ll send a voucher for a donation to DonorsChoose in your name. You’ll be supporting your local public schools just by shopping! We’ll be adding other charitable organizations soon, so send us your receipts and watch the points (and the good you’ll do) add up.

Q: What if my significant other uses Endorse?
A: That’s great!  Make sure you each only submit your own receipts, and do not submit the same receipt as your significant other.  We check for duplicate receipts and will have to reject any receipts we receive twice.

Q: Can I maximize my cash reward by buying multiples of the same item?
A: Yes, but if you want multiples of an item to apply toward a single offer, all of the items need to be on a single receipt that you submit with those offers. The same item purchased later may not be counted toward an offer already submitted.  Make sure you check the terms and conditions of each offer to find the max quantities and dollar limits on each offer before making your purchases.

Q: Can I submit a receipt twice?
A: No!  Please only submit each receipt one time.  You can redeem multiple offers on each receipt, but you cannot submit that receipt more than one time.

Q: What happens if I try to get away with stuff anyway?
A: If you violate any of the terms and conditions of using the app, for instance by submitting fraudulent receipts or receipts from purchases made by other people, Endorse reserves the right to close your account at any time.  If your account is closed you will forfeit your points and cash account balances.  You can see a complete list of our terms and conditions at

Q: Is Endorse compatible with my phone?
For iOS (iOS 5 or higher): iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPad (3rd generation+), iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th generation+). For Android: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Triumph, Motorola Droid, Motorola Asix, HTC. Many other Android devices are compatible, as long as they are an Android version 2.2 or higher, and contain rear-facing camera.

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