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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free Music Download: Disciple’s song “Trade A Moment”!

Too many bands fall prey to the age-old conundrum where, if they sound great live, their albums fall short—and if they can craft a great studio recording, they lack the goods to pull it off live. That’s what makes the new Disciple release, O God Save Us All, such an achievement: It’s a tight, terrific collection of hard-hitting rock songs with a redemptive heart.
“It’s a narrative: If there were a soundtrack to a movie made about a life of a Christian, this would be it,” Young says. “Before you’re a Christian, life feels a certain way. Then you’re introduced to the gospel, receiving him and walking with him. And then, life is over and you get to be with him.
This week CCM is excited to offer Disciple’s song “Trade A Moment” off their album O God Save Us All as this week’s free download. I think it’s one you all will enjoy. Check it out!
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