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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Music Download of Seth Condrey's “God Of The Impossible”!

North Point Music Artist and worship leader Seth Condrey’s newest project started with a question: “If there were no music industry or no North Point, but I still loved people and wanted them to connect with God, what would I write?”
The answer is found on Keeps On Changing, an album that sheds many of the conventions of current worship music in favor of something more personal. “Starting out my music career as a dad and a husband, I had this ideal of what I wanted to become,” he explains. But looking back, instead of that ideal he sees “a story of the grace of God making me into the husband and father I need to be.” Listeners will find that theme running through most of the album’s songs from the first single “Speechless” to the closer “Your Kingdom.”
Seth Condrey’s lastest album Keeps On Changing was released August 27. I was introduced to his music, loved it and wanted to share it with you. So this week you can get a free download is his song off his latest album. I hope you enjoy it and will pick up your copy of the album available everywhere now!

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