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Friday, October 25, 2013

Couponing Tip: Perks of Shopping the Last Day of a Sale

While most Couponers know that shopping the first day of the ad week gives you a better chance of getting sale items in stock, there are some perks of getting to the store on the last day! 
  • Sneak preview: Check out a preview of the upcoming ad if you get the chance. Many times previews can be available on the store website or in mail fliers the day before the ad week starts. This allows you to get the best deal by either shopping that day and cashing in on the current sales or waiting until the next week.
  • Check it out: Store out of stock? No problem! Rain checks can be a blessing in disguise when you wait to redeem them until a matching coupon comes out or you get more coupons, or you can simply cash them in at your convenience.
(Thanks and Photo Credit Krazy Coupon Lady!)

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