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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Music Download: Laura Story's “God Of Every Story”

This week, you can get a free music download of a title track off Laura Story’s new album “God Of Every Story”. This is just one of the many amazing songs on Laura’s new album that I know you will all love!

It’s one thing to write compelling, heart-stirring, emotionally rich songs of worship, praise and honor to Christ. People have been doing it for centuries, forming the backbone of faith traditions the world over. It’s another thing entirely to bare your soul, share your vulnerabilities and risk criticism and career success by challenging the mold and daring to say that God is not necessarily a God of happy endings. Instead, He is the God of every story. This is what Laura Story is learning day by day.

“The truth is, I don’t necessarily understand the story God is writing in my life,” she says with her characteristic matter-of-factness. “But that doesn’t mean that God is any less faithful. For better or worse, this is definitely the ministry God has called us to. I know it wasn’t a coincidence. Seven years ago I was offered a record deal and Martin [my husband] was diagnosed with a brain tumor within 48 hours. I thought we would be doing ministry with a nice tidy bow on it. We haven’t gotten a nice, tidy bow. But that’s part of what makes it so real – I mean who really ever gets the nice tidy bow anyway?” The personal struggle and joy Laura has walked in this season is what poignantly inspired God Of Every Story.

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