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Saturday, November 23, 2013

TopCashBack: Shopping Portal That Promises Highest Payout
When you shop online these days, it’s become habit to search out a coupon or go through a shopping portal that gives a percentage back on purchases made through their links. Well, talk about a race to the bottom. Instead of rebating you part of their merchant commission, promises to rebate you all of it (and make money via ads on their website). In addition, they even have no minimum payout threshold. You wouldn’t think that would be a viable business model, but the company originates as the #1 cashback site in the UK so apparently it works for them.

My only concern is that it may take an extra-long time for them to “release” your pending rebates, as with their tiny margins they’d want to make doubly sure that you didn’t end up returning the item or something. This is only speculation though, as most of these places make you wait 30-90 days.

Here is my TopCashBack sign-up referral link. They have a referral program where you get $10 for every new customer you refer that also earns $10 in shopping rebates. Thanks in advance if you use my link, and you can also leave your own referral link in the comments.

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